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Don’t treat me like a stranger, girl you know I’ve seen you naked.

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I just have to remember that no one is like me. Sometimes I forget how powerful I am. Sometimes I’m unsure of my mark. How deeply I touch people. Maybe it’s an insecurity. That’s why I have exes still writing about me. That’s why I have men that I never thought twice about, telling me that they…

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Always looking,
never finding.

Always watering,
forever growing.

I’m blessed.

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You can’t convince someone that they’ve wronged you.

They will automatically jump on the defensive.

It’s quite possibly just human nature.

I can’t tell you the right way because even I haven’t figured it out.

I realize that I do not know everything and I never will.

People have to come to these conclusions on their own, you cannot rush this.

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Sometimes you just have to listen to people.

Sometimes you need to step outside of the box. Get uncomfortable. Staying in your lane will guarantee one thing and one thing only, that you will always be in the same lane.

Step outside of yourself.

Sometimes. Just sometimes.

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دل به دل راه داره
There is telepathy between hearts.

— (via psych-facts)

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Zoom My favorite movie like everrrrr.

My favorite movie like everrrrr.

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If it’s not taking the weight off of your life, what’s the point?

Don’t feed into the comments. The people. The ideas. The morals. The lyrics.

Some shit is just that….shit.

Shitty shit.

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So I was supposed to be moving and saying goodbye to Philly in two months but I’m so not prepared.

None of that.

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This crazy chick wants me to hurt her feelings. I wish people stop stalking me. People make assumptions that have nothing to do with anything. I know the deal in REAL life.

I know your story in real life.
I know your business in real life!

Ducks get no attention over here.
You’re corny for real.

No lie, no lie, no lieeeeeee.

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